Wood Burning Fireplace Decor Upgrades

Fireplace improvements

Realistic-looking gas-burning logs are a ‘no-brainer’ substitute for real wood logs. Vented gas logs sit in the fireplace similar to regular wood logs. Their flames wrap around the logs and frolic along the edges like flickering sprites. That is, at least, until you get bored watching the fire and turn off the flames with a remote. Vented gas logs provide a gorgeous option to wood burning, however this is great only if you have a fireplace in your home, or the extra room to build one.

And what about people who are more living-space-challenged? Well, apartment-dwelling city folk can have a fireplace, too, by buying vent-free ceramic gas logs. These fireplaces may be portable and they give off a small but pleasing blue flame. The best advantage of vent-free logs is they radiate much more heat than a wood burning fireplace of comparable size. The reason is the logs are made of a material that causes heat to radiate outwards after it reaches a certain temperature. The dense, refractory ceramic used to make these logs to be realistic in appearance and efficient in heat output, also lets you to utilize your stove without having to clean up ashes, wood dust and wood debris. Because they are self-contained (that is, no vent), all of the heat created stays in the room. The drawbacks to vent-free logs are the increase in humidity, necessity of having oxygen and carbon monoxide detectors (which sometimes come with the unit), and the need for fresh air (crack a window) if the fireplace is on for a long time. Want more help finding ventless gas logs? Go to A1 Gas Logs.

Fireplace accessory tools

Lots of homeowners consider fireplaces as just one more thing that will require endless maintenance. As a matter of fact, to maintain a fireplace in decent condition doesn’t need much effort, and is quite economical. When you compare the money you avoid spending on utility bills when you frequently utilize your fireplace, you will understand its cost-effectiveness. The most important step in fireplace maintenance is keeping both the chimney pipe and fireplace open and clean. Chimneys have to be cleaned at least once a year, and should be handled by a licensed chimney sweep. Then again, if you purchase the correct tools, you should be able to clean the chimney manually. You can discover many wood burning fireplace accessories as well as tools on the net to help keep your fireplace spick and span. When selecting a quality set of fireplace tools, make certain that the set contains a small scoop and brush so that you can sweep up the ashes. Lots of people place the ashes in a paper bag for disposal, but before doing so make sure that the ashes are completely out before putting them inside to preclude a fire. As a result of that particular hazard, I prefer acquiring a metallic bucket or coal carrier to take away the ashes. (I typically get these tools at web based discount fireplace accessories stores, and so far have been completely happy with the service.)

To maintain a trouble free environment, you need to keep your fireplace dirt free. Clogged or blocked flues and chimneys can lead to smoke and carbon monoxide gas backing up into the home. This can be more than merely an annoyance as it could turn into a health issue. Aside from that, soot and creosote deposits will build up inside your chimney which might lead to chimney fires, and these can be really difficult to put out while potentially causing extensive damage to your house. Creosote is a blackish, yellowish oil that becomes deposited on the walls of your chimney as a byproduct of normal wood burning. Creosote is extremely combustible and can burn at temperatures up to 3,000 degrees F. Once a creosote blaze ignites inside your chimney, you must call the fire department without delay since you will not be able to extinguish the fire yourself.

Creosote builds up slowly so using the fireplace a limited number of times each year will not cause excessive amounts to be produced. On the other hand, after an entire season of use, it’s strongly suggested to have your chimney professionally cleaned. Between cleanings, you can acquire bottles of creosote remover which can make it easier to remove creosote deposits from within the fireplace itself. Creosote is a very gummy material that needs a specific cleaner to remove it. Professional chimney sweeps normally clean only your chimney, so having a container of creosote remover on hand will be of use in maintaining a safe fireplace . Creosote will also accumulate on other surfaces, such as the glass doors in front of your fireplace and andirons. Using a bottle of creosote remover you can quickly and easily clean these items. Need help buying fireplace accessory tools? Visit Fireplace Accessory Ideas.

Gas fireplace logs

You can have all the warmth and comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace by setting up a gas fueled fireplace. A current fireplace is the perfect spot to install a gas-powered unit, or you can get a stand-alone model and set it up anywhere you want. No matter if you have a traditional or a modern decor you can get a gas-powered fireplace to match the style in your house. The “logs” in these fireplaces are made with a sharp eye for detail and unless someone looks closely they won’t know that it isn’t actual wood. When you install one of these in your current fireplace make sure the chimney is fully functioning, as the almost all of these heating systems need to be properly vented. Beware of vent-less units that discharge lots of water vapor that can produce mold.Vent-less models are to be avoided because of the mold issues caused by the discharge of high levels of moisture. Odds are you will need installation by a professional and under all circumstances follow the manufacturer’s guidelines exactly. Need assistance finding gas fireplace logs? Try New Gas Fireplace Logs.

Employing hearth rugs for your fireplace

Having a fire can make your home feel warm and comforting once the weather starts to cool. Rugs for the fireplace are designed to enhance the look of your hearth and preserve the flooring around the fireplace. One of the major liabilities of a wood burning fireplace is the real risk of sparks popping out. That is why these rugs are made from fire retardant fabrics that can protect your floors and enhance safety. If embers land on these special fabrics they will become ash without causing damage. In addition to the added safety they can be an excellent interior design accent. You will discover them in a full selection of sizes, shapes and textures to complement your decor. Make sure that the one you select is made from high quality materials so it can seriously protect your home. Higher grade rugs usually come with a bigger up front cost but will be much more durable. New Fireplace Rugs will assist with any questions you might have.

Electric fireplaces

If you desire the heat and lovely appearance of a traditional fireplace, but without the maintenance issues and potential hazards, consider an electric fireplace heater for your home. You do not need to worry about smoke, ash, soot, firewood, or flying embers that burn holes in your furniture, your carpet, or the family dog. When you decide to relocate you will be able to take the electric fireplace with you and then plug it into any 120 volt outlet and you are presently cozy and warm. Colored light bulbs with random, scattered, refracted light produce the appearance of real flames, and even the fake logs look like the real thing in an electric fireplace. The heating component of the electric fireplace is much more cost-efficient than a real fireplace, which discharges a lot of the heat energy up through the chimney. High-grade electric fireplaces generate about 5,000 BTU’s of heat limited by a thermostat to keep a comfortable room temperature. There is a necessity these days for appliances that are energy cost-effective, and an electric fireplace will not only save cash on your heating bills, but it looks wonderful in your living room. It takes two folks about 15 minutes to set up an electric fireplace, then all you do is turn it on and set the thermostat as you wish. Visit here for more advice to help you locate electric fireplaces.

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