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Heating your indoor living areas during the cold chill of winter is expensive. When you add the extra cost of heating your outdoor living spaces as well your bills could be sky high. This sends many people searching for affordable heating solutions. In general, when seeking a better heating option for the indoor and outdoor living spaces of your home you will probably want to look for something with low emissions, a clean heating source (I.E. no coal or fireplaces) and of course a heating solution that will cost you considerable amount less than your current heating source.

Many individuals are probably thinking that unless you build a bonfire in the backyard finding a heating solution that is more affordable is simply not possible. That individual has been missing out on portable propane heaters. Not only are portable propane heaters an affordable heating solution, they burn clean and are remarkably versatile. Small portable propane heaters offer what very few other heaters can, portability. For families with large outdoor entertaining areas or just in need of a versatile heating option, a portable propane heater is the only solution.

Running the average portable propane heater will cost an average of 15% less than other heating options! If that wasn’t enough these heaters have a reputation for being both durable and priced right.

Unlike your old traditional fire chimneys, wood stoves and oil heaters, these portable propane gas heaters emit no toxic gases and require no power supply, hence a cheaper more versatile heating option. Portable propane gas heaters come in a variety of sizes, and prices, making them affordable to run and purchase. Let’s take a quick look at the types of propane gas heaters to see if we can find the one that is right for you.

Types of portable propane heaters

There are several varieties of propane heating unit options available today they include

Wall mounted propane heaters

Wall Mounted Radiant Propane Heater
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The heaters are made for convenient and safe usage which are mounted on the wall. Obviously, once you mount a propane heater on the wall you lose some of its versatility. Wall mounted propane heaters are a great option for families with children as they keep the heat safely away from curious and clumsy little hands.

How do wall mounted propane heaters differ from portable propane heaters: wall mounted propane heaters work by compressing the liquid petroleum gas otherwise known propane, which is contained in the cylinder. Portable Propane heaters come with the small disposable tanks instead of gas cylinders, which are portable. The wall mounted heaters come with the cylindrical tank which is fitted outside of the house. A medium size propane wall mounted heater would require a 100-gallon propane tank.

Patio propane heaters

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These portable propane heaters often offer unique features to help heat a patio space. In some instances, the heaters will focus on spreading the heat a long distance to ensure that the entire patio area is warm. Others will offer a directional setting so that you can direct the heat in the direction of the patio while having the portable propane heater safely over to the side.

Camping propane heaters

Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater
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They are made especially for using on camps and picnics and for heating small areas. These are generally small portable propane heaters specifically designed to be packed and moved easily from spot to spot. Some small propane heaters are portable enough for backpackers to take during the cold seasons. A key feature to look for on small portable propane heaters is that the propane supply can be safely transported with the heating unit.

Vent-free portable propane heaters

Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater
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These are handy and often small portable propane heaters which can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Without any emissions, these heaters can produce heat. It can take up a small amount of propane to create a large amount of heat; which is a win-win situation, you win because of reduced expenses, and the environment wins because of the high energy efficiency. The amount of propane used by these small vent free portable propane heaters is significantly less compared to other heating options. No flute or chimney setup is required, therefore they are called as vent-free heaters.

Clean heating

They create heat without chopping; splitting, refilling and they are more comfortable for a clean environment. Single propane vent free heaters can produce heat for thousand square foot room. First, these heaters will burn the air inside the room and then circulate the heated air through the room to produce maximum heat, thus saves energy a lot.

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Portable Propane Heater:

Sufficient ventilation

All natural gas heaters have the ability to heat both indoor and outdoor areas. However, the only wall mounted propane heaters can be used inside your home. Portable propane heaters need ventilation, when they are outside they naturally get the ventilation that they need. When you bring a propane heater inside however you have to ensure proper ventilation. Therefore, wherever you decide to have a propane heater in your home you will need to have sufficient ventilation added to the unit. This will almost always require a vent through your ceiling or wall to the outside of your home.

Portable Catalytic propane heaters

Catalytic heaters are also portable, handy heating units which use less than 11 volts of electricity, certainly an energy saving solution! The liquid petroleum gas combustion produces carbon dioxide, water vapor and creates heat by utilizing the surrounding oxygen and exhausts the combustion elements into the air. These come in both vented and vent freestyles. The vent free catalytic heaters would not have any flute or chimneys and they exhaust the combustion by-products to create more heat by utilizing oxygen as a basic source.

Sizes and weights

All brands and models come in a variety of sizes and weights. Each has their own advantages and benefits to suit individual needs. For example, it is better to use vented propane heaters for you bathrooms than vent-free propane heaters since they do not cover up much space and would allow you to move freely into and out of your shower cuticle and tub.

So before buying indoor or portable outdoor propane heaters, calculate the size of your room with the BTU (British thermal unit) of the heater. BTU is the amount of heat produced by the heater. Choose your best option by considering the place of usage, size of the room, power supply availability, portability, durability, and efficiency.

For the greatest amount of portability, you should look for a small portable propane heater that is lightweight and has convenient carry features such as handles and safe propane storage.

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