In winter cold, a regular heating system in an apartment or house is not always enough. The problem is especially acute in poor insulated rooms. Room heaters are an inexpensive way to increase the temperature exactly where it is needed.

You can find large and small heater for a variety of facilities. Small ceramic heaters warm up your small cabinet, “monsters” can quickly prepare a hall for a winter ball, low-profile heaters will give you eternal gratitude from cats living in the house, and oil radiators can be left unattended for several days and safe for children and animals. No matter how your house was built, when the snow is flying, one of these units will help you.

But before buying heater you should find out answers to many questions. Which additional heat source is the most rational? What power and type do you need? Each heater type has its own distinctive characteristics, pros and cons.

All this, as well as the rating of the best models, we will certainly consider in our review to let you figure out, what are they – the best heaters for your house?

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