I am Danny Sammber, welcome to heatersreview.com – the site about heating aplliances.

I am heating engineer, my company maintain and install the pipe work, fittings and fixtures which heat a structures. We work in commercial, residential, or industrial properties to implement solutions for heating needs. If you have a problems with your heating devices or the whole system you can ask me as I am the specialist’s in this line of work.

You may think, that choosing a good electric heater for occasional use is quick and easy. But of course, not all heaters are equally safe and reliable for any room and circumstance.

There are special types for use in a bedroom and industrial premises, individual and space heaters, infrared, oil-filled radiators, forced-air space heaters and other devices of all types. Electric space heaters intended for use inside the home. You can also bye space heaters fueled by natural gas, kerosene and other combustible fuels.

There is no single heater suitable for all applications. We’ll overview the basic processes and highlight the capabilities and advantages of each device type. This will help you to choose the unit for your specific needs. We also rely on user reviews, they provide an up-to-date snapshot of how heaters perform, reliability of a specific models, etc.

We plan to monetize the site, but our reviews are unbiased. We don’t place here paid articles and do not give preference to

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