Where to Buy Portable Electric Heaters Online

Internet shopping can often be a painstaking and exasperating experience. This guide will help you find a portable electric heater online with relative ease.
Air amp; Water, Inc.

The first website I cover in this guide is Air amp; Water, Inc. The prices on the portable electric heater on this website range from thirty-five dollars all the way up to two hundred dollars, so no matter what your price range, you’ll definitely have an option here. A great tool this website offers is the ability to compare any of the products they have available, which is a rather wide variety. One of the things I love about this website is a list of portable electric heater, sorted by “Best Overall Value” and a list sorted by “Editors Performance Pick”. These help you find the best portable electric heater fast and easily. This website also commonly features coupons and discounts, made readily available at the top of the website, making the already great values on the site even better. Also orders placed before 2:00PM are shipped the very same day, to ensure a fast and quick delivery of your portable electric heater.


Northern Tool

One of my favorite websites to shop from, Northern Tool has an excellent selection of over one hundred portable electric heater. This site also sports a handy tool that allows you to compare up to five portable electric heater at once. and features models as low as twenty-seven dollars to as hefty as four or even five hundred dollars. If you’re looking to spend a good chunk of change and get a high quality portable electric heater, this is a great site to visit. One of the things I love about this site is the ability to narrow your portable electric heater results by price or brand, both of which are handy for specific dollar amounts or if you have a favorite brand of portable electric heater already in mind. It also features a variety of portable electric heater available for free shipping. Complete with a no hassle return policy, Northern Tool is a great site to buy your new portable electric heater from.


Todays Concept

A great website for buying all kinds of things, Todays Concept also has a great section for portable electric heater. Just one simple click from the homepage brings you to the portable electric heater page, which has everything you need to get you started on your portable electric heater buying odyssey! Packed with great values and clearance deals, Todays Concept makes buying a portable electric heater much cheaper than you may have thought. This website also has a Space Heaters Information Page for anyone new to portable electric heater or that would just like some more information on them before they make their final decision.



Nextag is one of the best websites available to find a great variety of portable electric heater. Nextag actually takes results from other websites and compiles them all on their website. A search for portable electric heater on Nextag takes all of the portable electric heater it can find and presents them to you in an easily comparable format and can really help you get a broader scope of the portable electric heater industry. It doesn’t have the same information on portable heaters as the other sites, so this is really only recommended if you have a rather good idea of what you’re looking for. The prices range from twenty dollars to five hundred dollars and is the best website around for cheap shopping.


Heater Store

No portable electric heater buying escapade should be complete without a trip to Heater Store. A very attractive site accents the sheer amount of resources available to help you with your shopping quite nicely. On this website you can sort through just about any kind of heather you can think of and with ease. A heater guide is featured to any newbies to portable electric heater and Live Chat and telephone ordering make this site a prime choice for anyone interested in buying a heater! Sorting by price range is also a very handy feature for anyone shopping on a budget. Easy order tracking and makes shipping a worry free endeavor and a wide range of payment options keeps it available to everyone. All in all Heater Store is a great resource not just for buying portable electric heater, but also for learning about them in general!


Heater Home

Does 10% off all items and free ground shipping on portable electric heater sound good to you? If so you may want to give Heater Home a shot, as they hold specials like this, and many others often. A list of the most popular models, as well as the editor’s favorite models makes the better models easier to find for someone looking for a quick and cheap buy. This site also features many tips for buying and installing your portable electric heater, so it helps minimize your time searching through sites. This site also offers a simple to use product comparison feature so buying your portable electric heater will be cheaper than expected. No advertisements at all make this page a winner in my book as well. All in all, a trip to Heater Home is likely to end in a very satisfied and very warm living room thanks to your new portable electric heater!



Last but certainly not least we come to Omega. This website is going to be mainly for the more technical and portable electric heater knowledgeable buyer, complete with sub-genre’s ranging from strip and cartridge heaters to comfort and drum heaters, all of the electric type. This website has a more industrial feel to it but with quick ordering and free literature to boot, you definitely shouldn’t pass this site up. They boast a huge stock of portable electric heater and the prices aren’t over the top, starting as low as sixteen dollars.


There you have it! Seven websites that you can’t live without if you plan on buying a portable electric heater this winter, or ever. Everything from portable electric heater guides and info, to insane discounts, to free shipping, these sites have all the information you’ll need to keep your toes warm and your wallet full this holiday season!

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