New Kinds Of Electric Garage Heaters

The people of the olden days didn’t have electric garage heaters to warm them during the blistering cold of winter. Fortunately, now many homes come with insulation to keep the heat in and the warmth out. During the summer season, this same insulation keeps the cold in with the help of evaporative air conditioners or an ac and keeps the warmth out. Unfortunately, most garages aren’t built with insulation. That’s why you also have to acquire heaters when the cold season comes knocking. It would be great if the whole house was insulated but then that would add a significant amount of costs associated with more insulation. Back then, it was simpler, to get warm, people built fireplaces with chimneys and gathered fire wood to keep themselves warm.

Now we have Energy star efficient electric garage heaters that maximizes the efficiency and balances the trade off between power consumption and heat generation. Among the cheaper heating solutions are the halogen heaters. Halogen heaters make use of halogen lamps rather than the gas heated coils. You should know that halogen lamps can consume a lot of electricity that’s why you should look for the energy star designation to ensure that your lamp gives out the most heat with the least amount of electric consumption. One more type of heating solution are the ventless heaters. These heaters make use of the air inside the house rather than getting them from the outside. One drawback to this solution is that it generates certain quantities of carbon monoxide. You should know that carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas. So if you do get a ventless heater, make sure that the room is not closed entirely. This is important so that the carbon monoxide gas comes out.

People didn’t have access to electric garage heaters so they used fireplaces. These fireplaces usually had chimneys in order to let the carbon monoxide and smoke out. The problem with this is that most of the heat is also brought out along with the smoke. The principle contrasts deeply with ventless systems.

If you live in a motorhome, one thing option aside from electric garage heaters that you might want to look into are diesel heaters. Although not recommended because of the reputation of diesel as dirty fuel, it does offer a significant amount of heat when compared to electric and propane heaters. However, current application is more appreciated in industrial settings particularly when heating up airplane engines. Airplane engines require diesel infrared heaters to make sure that they won’t freeze up and accumulate moisture.

To be sure, the best electric garage heaters would surely have the following characteristics: First they consume the least amount of electricity and produce the best amount of heat. Next, they should not emit hazardous emissions that could endanger those inside and those outside the home. Another criteria for a good heater is that it should not generate an inordinate amount of noise. Finding the best heater for your home would be a balance of these characteristics.